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    Probably GMs will say that sending tickets. and GMs will reply that 'Thanks for your advice and this case is now closed'
    Because I always get the same replies after sending tickets about suggestions to reduce cheaters.

    Unfortunately, I can not contact any of GM's supervisor or manager directly.
    Otherwise, I can provide them something ridiculous GMs have done.

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by clericboy View Post
    I believe this is a concern of many Seal Online BoD players.
    Almost every regular Maintenance that is held once every two (2) weeks have some "extensions" that come with them, varying from 30 minutes to 90 or even a whole 120 minutes.

    I just want to let GMs and Developer Teams that this is VERY ANNOYING.
    I do not speak for all of the players, but I am pretty sure that these MT extensions have upset many players, including me.

    Unless there are some big changes being implemented or updated into the game, like CLASS BALANCE PATCH (which is LONG OVERDUE) , NEW DUNGEONS, NEW MAPS, NEW GEARS... ;
    Please and I mean PLEASE try to stick to the schedule as it is something that you guys came up with in the first place, and stop extending Maintenance hours.
    Because the last time you extended the MT, it did not end well, did it?

    p.s. Last MT, they extended the MT and after the MT, there were some new bugs that disconnected us when using certain gears. Although they've fixed it after a while, it is still annoying.
    annoying ? then it means u know nothing why its extended. stop complain.

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