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    Wtt nurse 3 for tennis 3 look inside

    As title say, I'm willing to trade my nurse 3 for a tennis 3, or 2 lvl even..
    Can also deal for a 1 and some IP Tickets.

    Also looking for a darkness onyx shield max pd/hp to purchase in crone.

    Also anyone selling a mace with ME/DD/ABS or HP/DD/ABS can pm me.
    NO UPG nor EPIC
    Cannot afford at the moment..

    PM QuadraProtect in game, mostly afk due of being in hospital but will do reply in the morning before exams!!

    The Grandpa Everyone Wants, That Only Enigma Has!

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    Bump, Lacking only mace!
    The Grandpa Everyone Wants, That Only Enigma Has!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuadraMagic View Post
    Bump, Lacking only mace!
    I have max darkness shield max hp +8, offer me here

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    Got trans onyx club 80 me, 9/10 abs , 40 DD +9 offer me crones.

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