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Thread: HK is not same

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    HK is not same

    Thank you for contacting Playwith Interactive Support.

    Please be informed that the Hunter Kit has not been modified in any way. It might be something to do with the cooldown or the skill activation time.
    Remember that the Hunter Kit puts actions on a stack sequence.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation.

    Well it is modified iff u dont know,hunter kit rebuff after u kill mob or boss only ,its mean when u use HK for kill boss it will never rebuff after u kill the boss and iff u are not buffed u have no damage so u will never kill boss or mob (understand dear GM)?

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    That is just 1 problem with buffs when atking need finish that action then they will recheck buffs but if u got laggy maybe cant rebuffs need press z to sit then they will normal again so HK will rebuff . etc ex Dragon buffs is often laggy cant rebuff at ash or laggy spot have ranger mobs .templar if atking but blunt expired so u cant kill high lvl mobs so uwill dead ofcoz .. I got more exp about HK bugs.. If u in ash will have laggy time delay if u play there 4h i mean to end ashkeena.. So maybe lag will kill your pet coz cant feed or it no feed even still have food... Too delay so HK cant work normal.. I think HK is Pet murder fix it if cannot feed release pet or go dc or sth.. Dont make yr HK funtion to kill our pet.. Or if use HK 8h ex. When HK expired so need have more choice in there for pet like release it or sth better.. HK killed my pets many bear soft kahto n monkey is ripped so many ... And if HK have follow funcion will be perfect GMs can u add it is best funtion in game need..����

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    i think its best to think of ways around this because they will not fix it. You can set any buff in the heal skill slot to make your character buff it when you start to die.

    For example on my dragon sage i have evolve set at 90% hp and zhen mastery at 75% bc with such high def there is no way i will reach that low HP unless my buffs ran out.

    For templar you can set blunt mastery to healing skill slot, for dhan you can do deadly blow.

    It's not at all perfect but its better than dying every time you stuck on a boss or tough mob in mirror. This is the only hope you have, it will not be fixed.

    For sage the buffs can be a bit more buggy.

    Your character can get caught in a weird situation where you are in human form and can not buff evolve because the game thinks you are in dragon form. you will die without aoe/abs.Don't use aura's skills on hk and dont use too many attack skill. Use zhen counter only on attack skill page, dont use wff it caused me many problems. Even then if you try and solo a hard spot in mirror with many mobs, if there are too many poking you at once when evolve debuffs it can cause the glitch. Only way around this is to have a decent party with a few extra dps to take some of the aggro on you. 1 sage and 1 predator works fine for me i have never had trouble this way.

    EDIT: Lmao didnt mean to post from this account hahahahaha
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