Good morning everyone, this is QuadraProtect (Also known as Grandpa, due of my age )

I'd like to share what I've been experiencing in the past month and hopefully with my English everything will be understandable to you..
If something is impossible to be comprehended please to not hesitate to ask me further details regarding the matter..

So i'd like to start from the Bottom, as you all know I joined the game after the event of Christhmas.

I was wearing a fro and went full vitality, along lvling I met some very friendly people that I started to party with, which led me into joining Enigma at 33 Level.

Everything went smoothly, Iskandariah taught me how to forge and refine, I was taught how to skill properly myself and I forged my first weapon farming in upper for a month with Erdi and some others guy.
During the time being we we're pked a lot. (Such is part of game however, so I am not here to whine nor complain about that ).

So, after gathering parts for my Glacial Club (Health parts)
I managed to forge my Club (63% Health 3/3 % Absorption and 25% Damage Drop ) The option came from the blue ones, so I can't really complain for the result.

By time being I managed to get lucky with boxes and gear myself faster than expected.

At some point of the game during March (Where I became level 115+7 )
I decided to swap STR and purchase some RPs, through trades I had bought a upg bow 1.0 and trades upon trades I managed to get most of my items and became a proper Defender, a factor by using $ mixed with great grinding and trades marketing ( In real life I craft Crocodile Leather Shoes ) Which gave me a good leading of marketing for the game itself as well.

Then the decay happened.

At some point of the game I had everything someone would ever ask for.

Upg Mace, Good Armor, Beast Rings, Beast Eye/Ear.
Lot of Crone which I gave to Noita ( Our Guild Master in order to trade for her STR Onyx Set which had amazing status )
Imagine all that happening in less than a year, it really led me to a huge joy.

Days later I got to +8, that's where the nightmare began.

Nightmare time :

Upon Logging some of my items were gone missing, in order to be safe for the others even after changing my password, I gave my items to a friend I really worshipped and had much faith in.

Sent a ticket of the issue and the items were missing more, day after day until I had my account suspended in order to GM's to investigate the issue..

The Result :

Upon they're decision of suspending me all my items were taken from my friends. By hearing friends in discord and Whats App, I've found out that also friends of mine got hacked and got stolen of every items in their possession's.
Some items were sold into Exchange Market like to Erdi (Feathers + 18 x4)
Through my account, Which later on she found disappearing from her account and led her to submit a ticket to GM's in order to retriew the RPs she spent for the items stated above.
She wasn't heard at all that she had to take the case into a paypal matter, which forced the company to fulfill her restoration.

My friends were completely restored, while for me?

My Unlucky Month :
I was restored only partially although all items were taken along the whole server, I still lack my mace, my monkey and 10 billion crone I gave to Noita.
Overall she lost the Armor and I lost the crone.

I was a lot focused on playing Rohan the past month because yesterday night I had a Surgery to my Hearth to fix one of my vein and put a peacemaker into my heart.

This led to further complications and stress, the GM's were really unreliable to help and they are still taking they're times to restore my items, a month and 10 days after they are still replying to me every 15 Days, Yes!! I only had 3 replies from them so far, which really made me upset of the issue..

I'm here to ask sincerely any advice in order to make them hussle a little the case.

I'm back to the game without a weapon, i'm back with less than 50% of my items and 100% of the crone I had.

The company really lost a guy that could have charged more than thousand's of dollars to they're game only because they didn't care at all for my issue.

If required I will post below the screenshots of my chat with GM's.

This experience really led me to depression and I still am.

I don't know what to do, please to tell me what I should really do, in the hope also another GM else than Micaa/Mica read the chat and start to do something real for my issue, i'm starting to think to take issue into a case with my lawyer, I already spoke to him with him regarding the issue.

Sending my best regards, you all can find me in game when doctors are not giving me my pills or that i'm sleeping!