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    Guardians Str Vs Dex?

    Which build would people recommend and with what reasons. are stenght guardians still viable? also how are strength defenders.

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    Defender : really only PVE atm, most ppl who are def just use as empower pet for their main.
    Guardian: Good in PvP, decent for farming

    I see a lot of noobs in game always asking if dex is still a thing for guards, I guess this is bc all guards they see use shields + dagger which was the dex guard look back in the day. im pretty sure dex build is dead now, go full str and use dagger +shield.

    I think this is bc your dps in combo is way more with dagger bc you get more hits off and more crits. Your crits will still be decent as full str, you'll get plenty +allstats from armor and accessories later on, so max invoke.

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    Str Guards are using Dagger shield combo also as it adds additional Stun and Defense to them plus now with transcended shield stones u can add 20% melee and 20% DD to a shield with out a reduction in stats making its benefit higher than dual wielding ( 20% of 90 is only 18%) while adding a 15% Block rate and more Defense. which makes the guard tankier while dealing out same kinda dps and possibly more cus of the faster attack speed of a dagger.

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    full str guardian, dex is crap

    use GUARDER instead of shield and use 20% DD pen & 10% crit if you like. that's how I play guardian at least or used to, since i changed mine to temp
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