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    Dekens - Choosing a Build & Skill Tree

    Hey, Im currently leveling up my deken, going full strength atm for the faster paced leveling. will mainly be focusing on pve for a while so just few ideas going through my head. not sure which spec is best between knight/sage. looks like knight is more pvp based BUT, a lot of sages abilitys seem to be based of int which I wont have gear for.

    My overall question is which spec I best for Pure Strenght build. and secondly

    How is the DK Spec damage like when resetting to full vit compared to full Strenght? (I have a 63% HP Zhen)

    thank you for your time

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    It is easy to answer your question, If you want to go sage it must be int, if you want to go knight it must be vit. Str build is dead on both sage and knight. Zhen mastery gives way more then str build gives. Meaning the more vit/hp you have on DK the more melee you will have with zhen mastery, same works with sage but with int build, more int = more melee with zhen mastery. Since you can get exp pouches on some days just for logging in, you reach lvl 50 in no time really, so its pointless to go str build at all
    Sage is not only good in pve but in pvp as well, that is, if you have the right gear for it.
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    Brilliant Reply thank you. would still need melee % my zhen only got HP and DD and Abs

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    Quote Originally Posted by trudeken View Post
    Brilliant Reply thank you. would still need melee % my zhen only got HP and DD and Abs
    I wouldn’t make long term choices just bc you have a lowbie item that leans towards it. Soon you won’t even need abs on a zhen bc dekans have suction ability.

    Sage = OP farmer and OP PVP in endgame gear only
    Knight = Mediocre Farmer but Decent in PvP

    The reason I hate Knight is because it relies on a good PA badge. Which means you are only decent in PvP 1/3 of the time.
    This is just my opinion tho and ofc there are some knights that are always decent, but they spent a lot on gear just like the top sages did.

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