This year Lumbridge is web hosting an Eastertime Fete along with Gielinorís guilds have resulted in to show off their countless and sometimes peculiar wares. The very best in show will succeed a special prize!

Tasks within this temporary Easter quest consist of:

Cooking a cake cake for the Chefís Guild.
Making swordsharkuna (a tuna, in an exceedingly swordfish, inside a shark -- borderline inedible, questionably dishonest! ) for the Fishing Guild.
Helping the Crafting Guild decorate an elaborate ornate ovum.
Note that players do not need to become a member of a guild to perform its part of the quest. Oh yea, and make sure to take a really in close proximity look at that prize egg, will not end up to you?

The Guthix The butterflies are back this year these times with a few changes:

The normal chipmunks daily cap has now possibly be reduced from 20 to help 10, and the xp every catch doubled.
There's currently a new bonus xp chipmunks to catch, the regular cap of these are 12, and they will provide 1 . 5x the xp that a usual butterfly provides.
Also, in which super xp butterfly they have a daily cap of 1, and also this provides 5x the xp that a normal butterfly gives.
Ironmen will not be able to obtain bonus xp from the the butterflies.

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