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    Cool comeback player: is dragon sage int still worth getting?

    Hello Rohanians!

    I had been playing Rohan for a couple years back then. I used to play Dragon Sage INT . It was so much fun. Due to the new balance update, is dragon sage int still worth getting? what's the pros and cons? Sorry, old newbie here. Thanks!

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    Its good like super good its literally a better version of a templar. Only problem is theres not enough upg magic attack zhens out there to go around. But if you use a trans opaniel charr you can get good damage.

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    Int sage is best pve class in game

    Use 2.0 melee zhen it's the best choice, opa charr & magic 1.0 zhen are ****ty honestly
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    Trans Opaniel Charrs are not great really, when they are transcended they ad 45% HP instead of magic Attack, to top things off liek u said they act like a templar now so treat them as such using a MELEE zhen , Yes Breath and Health Drain Damage will suffer some, but your melee will Sky rocket much liek a templars melee does and auto attack is your main DPS on a int sage now. so for janius servers youll want a Melee Upgrade zhen, i play ISEN and here you really wanna look for dual stated parts even if they not complete max a Zhen with 70% melee and liek 30% magic will be better then a 90% melee or magic. hell i knwo some one that had a 5x 5x magic and melee glacial and it was better then a IM stoned Trans Opa ZHen with the 35% attack stone in it. and it was also better then a 90% magic onyx. so really treat a Int Sage as you woudl a templar All stat Accesories and everywhere you can and maximize your melee.

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