We are pleased to announce a new streamed event full of surprises and special rewards!

At this time, we would like you to celebrate Easter with us via Livestream on Facebook!
Duran and Arus players are invited <3

We will have the following games!

Stolen Eggs hunt Get ready for the eggs hunting! You will have to find the stolen eggs as fast as you can!

Guess Who? Are you capable to recognize these Shiltz figures?

Jumbled Can you figure out what we are trying to say? Arrange the word and discover the answer.

Join us at our Official Facebook:
Time & Date: April 17th at 8:00 AM PDT

For the winners of each round:

The GM will ask on stream for you to select a number of the lucky chart, each number contain a coloured ball, each ball is a reward! The GM will take it for you and if you are lucky, you can win a special item!

We will be glad to see you there!

Love Seal! ^^
Seal B.o.D Team