Greetings Rohanians!

Weekend Boost on the horizon!
This weekend will have the following active boost:

⭐ Exp.: 250%
⭐ Drop: 250%
⭐ Forging: 60% increased success rate
⭐ Refinement: 60% increased success rate
⭐ Reinforcement (Crafted item): 60% increased success rate
⭐ Enhancement (Forged item): 60% increased success rate

⚠Boosts do not work with Recycle System.
⚠Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly applied.
⚠Boosts will last from April 12 at 12:00 PDT until April 15 (23:59 PDT)

We will also have a special reward for all those who spend RPs during the weekend:

For 1000 RPs spent– Prize: Time Jewel x5
For 2000 RPs spent – Prize: Sealed Lucky Stone (1 Day)
For 3000 RPs spent – Prize: Ancient Skill Enhancement Stone x1


• Rewards are cumulative.
• Rewards are limited per account. Once you have spent the maximum amount, you will not receive more.
• For account first purchase, Paypal account must be confirmed through Billing Team.

We also remind you that our Anniversary Event is up and running! Come celebrate with us our 11th Anniversary!
Follow this link to know more about this event:

Keep enjoying Rohan.
More Power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team