Greetings Rohanians!

We are proud to celebrate Rohan’s 11th Anniversary!(Beta Launch).
Playwith Interactive invite all players to join the fun since we have prepared many gifts.
Also, we would like to thank to our community for all the support since day one.

To celebrate the occasion, we are introducing three exciting anniversary events:

1. Free Codes

To start off, there will be a 52 Codes Giveaway (26 codes for Jainus & 26 for Isen). Each code contains amazing rewards.

How to win?

Simple: on Friday 12th at 06:00 AM PDT, we will be posting a video about Rohan.
The codes are distributed throughout the video.


The codes for Jainus are in PURPLE and have the letter “J” preceding the code.

The codes for ISEN are in TURQUOISE and have the letter “I” preceding the code.

*Use the codes only for the respective server
*Remember that the identifying letter (“J” for Jainus and “I” for Isen) are not part of the code, it is only to distinguish each code

Sounds pretty easy, right? Actually, it is not.
You have to be as fast as a bullet because other person might redeem that code before you even have the chance to do so.
So stay tuned to our post and redeem the codes!

2. Create Artwork

We want to test your artistic self.That is why we created this event.
You have to create any type of art you wish.
Any media will be accepted including sculptures, paper crafts, digital artwork, traditional artwork, photography, and/or edited screenshots

For us to consider your participation, you must follow these Rules:
  1. Submissions must be a "The 11th anniversary of Beta launch" - themed ROHAN (Party, celebration time, anniversary, festive)
  2. Only 1 submission per account.
  3. You can choose to draw a manga, illustration, edit an in-game screenshot or make a sculpture!
    Even doodles and abstract arts are fine!
    Remember, the more creative and original the work is, the better your chances on being chosen!
  4. Submissions can be re-uploaded and edited as long as it’s before the due date, on April 22, 2019. Edited posts after this date will be disqualified!
  5. Use of licensed characters from other games or anime is not allowed! We do not want the forum to have any DMCA issue
  6. The art in question should not have messages that encourage racism or discrimination as well as should not have insults or disrespect.
  7. You must submit your artwork in this thread with the following information:
    1. Server
    2. Character Name
  8. The images must follow the requirements below:
    1. Format: JPG, PNG, BMP are all valid
    2. Maximum Resolution must be 1280 x 1024 (150 DPI)
  9. If you are having troubles uploading the image here, you can upload it on a free image-hosting site and paste the BBCode/link here, it will automatically count as your entry.
  10. All participating artwork must abide to our rules. If an artwork is not compatible with them, it will not be considered.
  11. As for “not compatible” it means if it is a picture and not a digital art from Rohan, it cannot be considered as participation.

All participants will be given 200 million crones at the end of the event if they comply with the rules.

This Event will be available from April 11 until April 22.
You can post your submissions HERE

Top 3 entries will be chosen by our GMs and will be announced on April 23. Then, you will choose who is going to be the winner of the Event!
Here are the rewards awaiting the winners:

First place: 10000 RPs plus the art will appear at the login screen
Second place: 5000 RPs
Third place: 2500 RPs

3.Wall breaker

This is a minigame event.
All you have to do is have the right timing to fly the character and avoid hitting the walls in order to obtain the highest score possible.
At the end of each round, your final and highest score will appear.
Also, the top 3 highest score will appear as well.

Winner rewards:

1st Place
- 5 Premium Time Jewel Box.
- 500 Million Crones
- Hunter Kit(30 Day)

2nd Place:
- 5 Blessed Jewel Box
- 250 Million Crones

3rd Place:
- 180 Millions Crone
- Hunter Kit (30 Days)

This minigame will be available from April 11 until April 15.
The winners will be announced on April 16 along with their rewards.
- At the end of the event our team will contact the winners via mail.
- There will not be a participation reward, only for the winners.
-One place for player.
-Dummy accounts will not be considered
-If any of the first places infringes one of the rules, they will be disqualified.

More Power Rohan!

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team