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    Nerf PA badge or fix the time with the multiple suggestions and tickets presented to you by the community since the first season please,

    Many thanks.

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    Hello everyone!its unacceptable to play thes game anymore bcoz canít farm and canít make pvp ween dont have good power talisman,Iím from Europa and for all ppl from Europa no one gm donít think they just make all to quit ppl bcoz is not fun reality ween meeting opponent with 500/600knhp more then you same clas same gear Chenge the f...d time !!!!its easy I play almost 9 years every update is unbalanced many cheat items and gm donít care we just wanna play and many times we pay for it they jobs is to fix bugs and make all the best to balanced on the game ....reality nothing else....

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    We vote 12-14h server time itís 20-22h Europa time or all 4 h 1x PA
    for europe payer is sleep or work time oldPA time

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    Agreed!!!europa work or sleep with 110k hp can’t farm op spots and can’t make pvp vs ppl with 750/800k hp it’s discrimination

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