Greetings Rohanians!

Today we bring the news!

Class Balance!

The next race that will receive a Balance will be the magical Trinity!
A race created by the very Edoneh! We will work on this powerful race to improve everything to our standards.
We will let you know which skills will have an update soon.

Illegal items

After a thorough investigation, we have come to realize the existence of illegal items within the game.
These items, whether duplicated or modified, WILL NOT remain in the game, meaning that they will be removed without no consideration of any kind.
If a player is in possession of an illegal item, the trade and creation of the item will be reversed, returning any original item to the previous owner.
However, bear in mind that we do not provide support for RMT (Real-Money Transaction) of any kind.

Adventurersí Sale Event

After gathering all the different winners, we have already sent the rewards and codes to you!
If you have any doubt or question, please feel free to contact us through our Support Platform.
⚠️Remember that the codes have an expiration date, which is MAY 2.
After this date, the code is void and cannot be claimed.

Abyss parts and Exchange Market

We have received several reports regarding an issue when sending Abyss parts to the Exchange Market.
We highly recommend all the players not to send any Abyss fragment, part or armor to the EM since it might cause an error, locking your EM
Currently, we are waiting for the Dev.Team to provide us with a final solution to this issue and release the accounts of those unfortunate locked ones.

Soon we will have more news.

More Power! Love Rohan!

Keep enjoying Rohan.

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-