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    Muitak's Darkness

    that there are people I am looking for the delighted Zhen of level 103, refined at level 65, or I am looking for where they drop the items with which they can be done, if someone can help me I thank them:guay:

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    Don’t worry about muitaks darkness. For level 65 you can make eye of Xavier with some absorbtion% and make max pdef Edwin for less than 200 mil. This can last you until level 90 when you get pedants and farm for glacial armor/weapons in upper. At level 65 don’t worry about fancy weapons with amazing DD it is a waste of time.

    A lot of new lowbies in this game always shout/ search for very specific items at low levels that they will never find unless you make it yourself. 95% of the players are lvl 115+. Get gear that is good enough to farm and then don’t worry about it. Worry about leveling as fast as possible.. especially during boost like this week.

    If you want to waste time making specific crap the parts can be found in R3 same as the armor parts that make bedron. GL to you.

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