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    Angry About people trying to sell hack items!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    I generally do not like to comment on hacker things, because I think it is obvious that we are against these people.

    But there is a user who unabashedly offers a supposed service for hack items.
    That's why I make this post. So far, no serious suspicious activities have been detected.

    But we are already aware of the rumor that this person can do something and we are already tracking any type of irregularity every day.

    If this is true, do not doubt that we will delete each generated item. I just want to clarify that if someone attacks the game with a hacker, we will take legal actions. So far only items have been deleted and we ban all accounts, but we are tired of these people believing that they can come and do whatever they want, that is why we are in contact with an international business security means to initiate legal actions if necessary.

    For those who do RMT, which everyone knows is illegal. I ask you not to waste your money with this people, when we detect it, you will lose your money. I do not approve the RMT but each player are considered our clients and we are very sorry to will see you lose hundreds of dollars for trust in this people.

    Do not support these people. I also want to mention that many veterans support our fight against hackers, so do not think that there is something you can hide. Our community loves Rohan and they will not tolerate these people.

    Love Rohan!

    Best regards
    PM Albreiker

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    Never seen hacked items, have seen duped items back in 2012.

    I remember people thought my 85 unique set was a hack cause it was de-leveled to lvl 10
    But I did all that before rohan put a cap on de-leveling.

    lol also remember during gm pvp contest, gm asking me to sit out and just giving me some rewards cause lvl 45 and under contest and I was wearing the set with a rare 105 mace.
    Miss the good old days
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    Truth is GMs dont even know what stats are possible in armors... once i send them screen with glacial sheild (70% atatck power, 38%dd, 10% crit etc) and they said its legal item.... Sthey have no idea what its dupped or not so idk what they are tracking now.....

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    Look at the topic date is create bro..
    Its old one like 1 year ago+
    I believe they ban and track everything allready.. At laest i hope so..

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    With E-Cash price you making people search for RMT by yourself.Cos if someone give you 100$ you can invest back in game and get triple more items than if you sell it for 10 000 ecash.
    Are you undarstand this? All RMT cases is your fault and when you ban people who invest in game you ban your money so i can say only LOL

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    How is the case they sell hacked item on EM, then someone buy it?
    This my case from 2014, I lost my rps due to normal action: I bought it from EM, traded to my another account to use it, then:

    Do u still work like this?
    1xx - Templar

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    I do not understand how it is possible on an official server to be hacked items, I played on private servers where this does not happen only in RBF I saw so many scammers and hackers lol
    Undecided by the changes that have taken place lately.

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