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    1 year later... after the patch that was supposed to "fix" it, cap bug still exist

    A lot of people seem to be complaining about guards being nerfed. I'm still testing, but I think it's a bit overblown - only the ulti got nerfed hard, but practically everything else was buffed.

    Crazy Swing (50->70% dmg), Crit Aura (25->30% attack), and AOE were all buffed. Even Stone Skin and Roha's Blessing though shortened were definitely buffed. Roha's 60s/180s went to 30s/60s. Stone Skin went from 35s/300s to 20s/100s. In both cases, duration was cut by 50%, but cooldowns cut by ~66%.

    All these changes are great because faster cooldowns allow greater flexibility in PvP, and a buffed Crazy Swing/Crit Aura means combos during non-ulti periods are better than they were before. Everyone complaining should calm the F down, and give it time to play and get used to the changes. All is not lost, you just need to relearn how to play and come up with new strategies.

    Anyway, to get to the point of this post, literally no one would be complaining about damage if they fixed the bugs causing attack and hp to cap out. Literally 1 year on, and nothing has been done. See screenshots below:


    Melee standing self-buffed: 96,388

    Melee with crazy swing only: 127,057

    Melee with ulti only: 131,439

    Melee with ulti and crazy swing: 131,439 (no increase over just ulti?!)

    HP BUG:

    HP with guarder +15 (+1504 hp): 247,335

    HP with shield +18 (+24% hp): 266,958

    HP with guarder +15 and Silva Pet lvl 3: 296,802

    HP with shield +18 and Silva Pet lvl 3: 292,290 (wtf?! +1k hp guarder gives more than +24% hp shield?!)

    After being promised by GMs Duzt, Mica, and various others that the devs were working on it and will have it released with the class balance patches, I would like to have an official response in this public forum about the details and timeline of when this is getting fixed.

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    Can i see build your skill ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourLucky View Post
    Can i see build your skill ?
    Really? Look at the buffs and skills you know already.

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    It’s a big slapped to YNKs faces that after all the money they spend to devt team a.k.a “balance” but still fail.

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    Guardian ulti wasn't nerfed either, not until the cap is fixed since you can get 200% easily (100% from ulti) while the cap exists, ulti basically got a buff.

    As for fixing the cap, which was set in place for all classes to cap the amount of melee/magic/ranged attack a character could get based on their GEAR. This has been executed very poorly since it includes everything, from scrolls, to buffs to pets to gear. I think it's on the planning to fix this issue but it will take awhile, just like everything else in this game.....koreans have to fix it and there really is no telling if they really will or won't or when lol.
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