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    [Event] Heroes Raid: Bales Wipe out

    Heroes Raid: Bales Wipe out

    Greetings Shiltizens!

    We bring you a new event for this spring! Get prepared and let the wipe out begin!

    For this event you will meet NPC Joshima near to the Bank at Elim, he will ask you to clean up the bosses from Blue Eye Fortress, Sage Tower and Underground Waterway to obtain their Bale's Power-up Potion, collect as much potions as you can and take it back to Joshima as a proof you have defeated them to obtain prizes such as a legendary Police Suit and Magic Spring Box as reward for protecting Shiltz of their evilness.

    Police Set info:

    Magic Spring Box content:

    But there are more ways to obtain the Bale's Power-up Potions: go to the NPC Baleís Power Up Potion Seller (Elim D5) and he will tell you how to obtain a Voucher for 100 Bale's Power Up potion!

    During the Dungeons clean up, you will also be able to obtain more rewards! Keep your eyes wide open since bales have a very rare chance to release:

    Blue Eye Fortress:

    - Black Dragonís Eggs
    - Mandra seeds
    - Tailed Wisps

    Sage Tower:

    - Dragon Eye Chest

    But that is not all! At Undergroung Waterway you will be able to find new accesories:

    - Tears of Jhoshima
    - Wolf Hunterís Set

    ...but notice that this equipments and pets are extremely rare to find.

    Tear of Joshima Info:

    Wolf Hunter Set Info:

    *This event will be available until May 21st before maintenance, get your sets as soon as possible!*

    Are you ready to defeat the bad guys?

    Get started now!

    Love Seal! ^^
    Seal BOD Team

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    GMAIL can you give the screenshot of new accesories ?
    - Tears of Joshima and Wolf Hunter’s Set normal and xg

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    wow new Equipment >.<

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    - Tears of Jhoshima
    - Wolf Hunter’s Set
    from box or drop?

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    ELIM D4???

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    GM, why lately the events are only meant for high level players?? Please be FAIR to the low level players as well !!

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    what inside "Dragon Eye Chest" ???

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    how long this event ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aryasebelas View Post
    what inside "Dragon Eye Chest" ???
    it contain Material to make the best wing in Duran (No Special Item)
    Metal / Fire / Ice Dragon wings

    see this link below

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    HTBS Police Suit can't be trade??

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