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    Adventurers' Sales!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We have a new opportunity for you to grow stronger!
    We will have some sales for you to seize the opportunity!

    Some items will have up to 90% OFF!
    • Adventure Talisman Alpha 75% OFF
    • Adventure Talisman Beta 75% OFF
    • Hunter Kit (7 Days) 40% OFF
    • Complete Skill reset stone 40% OFF
    • Complete Stat reset stone 40% OFF
    • Job Change Certification 40% OFF
    • Job Change Stone 40% OFF
    • Radiant Ancient Enhancement stone 40% OFF
    • Radiant Enhancement Stone 40% OFF
    • 54 Slot Treasure Bag 40% OFF
    • Scroll of Challenge 40% OFF
    • Deluxe Equipment Reinforcement Abradant 50% OFF
    • Enhancement Abradant 50% OFF
    • Armor Reinforcement Stone V 50% OFF
    • Armor Reinforcement Stone VI 50% OFF
    • Weapon Reinforcement Stone V 50% OFF
    • Weapon Reinforcement Stone VI 50% OFF
    • Arrendal Transmutation Preservation Stone (IM) 90% OFF
    • Arrendal Preservation Stone (IM) 90% OFF

    In addition, we want to reward our supporters!
    We will be rewarding one Sealed Lucky Stone (1 Day) and one Sealed Adventure Talisman (8hr)!
    The only thing to do is to spend 1,000 RPs and you will receive these extra items!

    Want more rewards? HERE YOU HAVE THEM!

    One Exclusive Persian Costume, one +1 Enhancement Ticket (Max +12) and one Hunter Kit (30 Days)!

    How to get them? Easy!

    Go to PayPal and, through that method only, top-up at least 5,000RPs and you will receive one of the amazing codes containing the items above mentioned.

    Everyone who uses our Hashtag #LoveRohan will participate in a raffle!

    Comment in the FACEBOOK POST #LoveRohan and you will get one chance to get this code!
    If there are between 50 and 100 comments, we will raffle five (5) codes!

    But, if there are more than 100 comments with #LoveRohan, we will raffle TEN CODES! So ahead and comment your love for Rohan!

    Rules? Of course! Where would we be without them!

    ⚠️You can only obtain one (1) code per account!
    That means even if you top-up more than 5,000 on your account, you will only receive one code!
    ⚠️You will receive the codes AFTER the event ends no further than 48 hours.
    ⚠️You do not need to spend all those RPs in your account, just top-up them and done!
    ⚠️The event starts on March 21st until March 31st.

    NOTE: All purchases or top-ups done on March 21 will be taken into for the event.

    We also have added a Boost for you Rohanians! Starting today at 16:00 PDT you will have a BOOST until the end of the event!

    ⭐ Exp.: 200%
    ⭐ Drop: 200%
    ⭐ Forging: 60% increased success rate
    ⭐ Refinement: 60% increased success rate
    ⭐ Reinforcement (Crafted item): 60% increased success rate
    ⭐ Enhancement (Forged item): 60% increased success rate

    ⚠️Boosts do not work with Recycle System.
    ⚠️Boosts are based on the success rate. In NPCs, the boost is directly applied.

    We hope that you take the best out of everything and enjoy this events!

    More Power! Love Rohan!

    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    We're so happy to announce that the rewards and codes of the event were already sent.

    This are the lucky winners of the #LoveRohan raffle:

    We want to congratulate the lucky winners. The codes were sent to the registered email of the account.
    We hope all of enjoyed the event! Stay tuned for future news!

    Best regards
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team

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