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Thread: Help me plz~~GM

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    Wink Help me plz~~GM

    I'm a new gamer in seal~and I'm not good at English! So it will take me so much time to understand the words meaing do some Quests! When I do How to get the Battle Pet Mission,I deleted the Queen crystal item by my mistake(I can't remember the whole items name)~^_^I can't find NPC Leona!And I can't get the item form Begger~Can you do me a favor to get the item back~The Login Partal(PlayRoha) DURAN ID:Frackey!
    Thanks GM

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    google send ticket seal online, tell the gm your problem, they'll help you solved it (JUST LIKE WITH MINE SINCE I ALSO DROP THE ITEM LOL). Yeah true, they'll help you restore the item/

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