Greetings Shiltizens!

We would like to officially announce the winners of the first tournament of Guild Wars, we are so grateful for your participation and support during this event.

We all players, stream watchers and GMs have had a good time and have learned a lot of things. These things will help us to improve the following tournaments and we are open to your suggestions too!

Thank you to all the teams and congrats to those who made it to the finals and everyone's effort to be on the event on time.

Congratulations to Existence from Duran and Demigod from Arus who achieved to be the champions of this first tournament.

Duran rewards will be sent during this week until Friday.

We appreciate your support at our first streamed event also. We are now planning the following tournament for Duran & Arus servers with improved rules, schedules, streams and we would like to see more teams participate.

Get prepared!

Love Seal!
Seal B.o.D Team