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    Give us Unlimited quest back pls.

    Hello dear GM's.. I wanna make a suggestion..

    Please bring back the unlimited quests cap! Being able to carry only 20 quests at once is ridiculous.

    Veteran Players told me that we could pick as much quests as we want a couple years back so i really don't understand why you lowered it down to 20.. It make
    no sense at all.

    Picking up all quest in elemental dungeon and you're almost full...

    Please do something about it.. it would be a great change and i bet everyone wants it aswel.

    Thank you

    I have plently of idea's for life change in rohan... things that could make it WAY easier for players and that won't slow you're $ income at all BUT i wanna see first if you Listen to you're community first with this suggestion

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    +1 to that

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