Greetings Rohanians,

We know how hard it is to keep your pet alive sometimes.
We also know how much you love your pets!
That is why we have come up with this event to help you!

All you have to do is vote for your favorite pet and you will participate in the raffle to win a pet and more.

How to participate

Go to our facebook page, My little pet event post and vote for the pet you like the most:

To vote for a pet you just have to:
👍 Elite Golden Monkey - Hit "Like"
💟 Fire Fox - Hit "Love"
😄 Queen Fairy - Hit "Funny"
😮 King Lion Queen Fairy - Hit "Wow"

We will raffle the participants that voted for each pet and select two winners (per voted pet). We will have 8 lucky winners in total.

The pet you vote for
1x Incomprehensible Growth Feed (1000 Feeds)
1x Pet Revival Ticket
200 M crones
1x Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

Participation reward
1x Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

*The Event will start on February 18 until February 20th.

We will send a private message to the raffled winners. *Only one character per player. Other accounts won’t be considered.

More Power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
-R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team-