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    Post blurry text

    hi all,i got problem with ingame chat text-its all blurry,i cant read-graphics is all sharp but i had problem with resolution-but its all ok now just text is unreadable.please help

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    I'm having the same problem right now. Tried all of the above. But nothing works.. this Blurry text is frustrating.. even YNK Technical support doesn't know what's wrong here, they've been trying to suggest a bunch of things for a week now.

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    thanx guys but seems i will have to get myself new comp first before ill get back to game

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    I don't think this will help you at all , but you should try to change from Fade to Scroll effect and viceversa.

    With Windows 7 (64 bit operating system) the following procedure will turn off all three lines of "fade" effects:
    1. Click on control panel; 2. Click on view by: Large Icons; 3. Click on "Performance Information and tools"; 4; Click on adjust "Visual effects"; 5; There will be three line items showing the word "Fade" as the first character string on each line. Uncheck the box in front of each of those three lines and then "OK" everything and back out. The fade effects will no longer be present. My experience is that WIndows 7 machines run better fade effects disabled.
    I think it's a video card problem while rest of us don't have such problems when launching Rohan. Maybe your video card heats up way to much and that's why it goes blurry.

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    i think You might be right....does it mean i need a new video card ??

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    Yeah. If you can tell me your Country and Motherboard information ( if you have its case ) , I could help you find a cheap video card.

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    thx mate but im using a laptop and unfortunatelly i wont be able to replace it myself:/but thank You i know whats the problem is now!may the force b with U:P

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    Did anyone ever solve this problem?? I just recently download rohan again just to see that some but not all of my text is blurry and mostly unreadable. When I was playing before I never had a problem like this.

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