Hello Shiltizens!

This February 14th we bring you a special live streamed event to spend with your significant other!

The date is at Unison Marketplace at 7:30 AM PST. All Duran and Arus players are invited!
To participate on this event, join us at the livestream at the Official Seal Online Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sealmmorpg/

Bring your couple and participate together! If you donít have one, you can come alone, maybe itís the opportunity to find your soulmate!💘

Come and participate on the contests to win amazing rewards!

You will be able to participate of the following contests:

💟Couples outfit runaway:
The couples will join the runway to show us their best matching outfits.
Donít you have a couple? Donít worry, come to the stage and describe your ideal match, love can be found at this event!

💟Valentines Trivia:
How much do you know about the couples system? GMs will test your knowledge!

💟Write a romantic verse:
During the event, you will be able to participate by writing cute pick-up lines or a poem for your significant other and the best ones will win!

💟Select the winners of the Valentines Machinima event
The GM will make a live reaction watching all the participantsí videos; you will help the GM to select the winners

💟 And so much more!

All the winners from the contests gets 1 chance to spin the GM fortune wheel to win one of the following prizes:

💕 Codes containing AMAZING prizes!
💕 Rps (500, 1500)
💕 Roses (500, 750)
💕 5TH Grade Pets
💕 Ancient Hero Wings +0

Bring all your love this February 14th and join into the fun!

Love, love! ~
Seal B.o.D Team