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    Thumbs down Gm`s U Did It This Time

    i said good bye to rohan this event is for no one a low lvl cant do it and for me is hard to enjoy it goin to sell all my stuff and moved to another game where GM`S listen to the players not like here this new event sucks only 1 spot for drops wtf boss take 37 players and 27 minutes later boss die and selling all my stuff on isen any one interested wisper me SexyLexy on Game leaving game on 3 days enjoy this BS event GM`S just want our money but they wont have mines no more VALENTINE EVENT SUCKSSSSS

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    If u no noticed it, there is no event for lowie on rohan, i got only 2 issues about this event, 1.- Noble Knight got more hp that mirror dungeon mobs, 2.- Respawn time. Damn guys ok its free item but is so slow running all a map for kill a mob

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    This game is old as dirt... why would the event favor to lowbies? When 99.9% of all players are over lvl 115. The rewards suck anyway who cares just go lvl up and work on gear so you can do the next event. If you still suck ballz when that rolls around then the problems not the game it’s you kid

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    Switch servers nooby. Buy UPG weapon.

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