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    Dress to impress!

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We know that looks do part of the job, you always have to dress to impress others, but with an Onyx Armor, Opaniel boots and gauntlets and an Abyss Tasset you could not look more out of place. That is why we have come up with…“DRESS TO IMPRESS

    How to do it?

    You will have to choose ONE of our Item Mall Costumes.
    Go to our facebook page and comment in our post what costume would you like to have: https://bit.ly/2SMnYSE
    We will communicate with the winners through private message. ��

    Then what?

    When the event is over there will be five lucky players who will receive the Costume FOR FREE!
    We will raffle all of the participants and get five names!

    ⚠️Only one character per player. Other accounts (alts) won’t be considered.
    ⚠️You will have until February 13th to submit your response.

    Keep enjoying R.O.H.A.N.
    More Power!
    Best regards
    -R.O.H.A.N .: Blood Feud Team-

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    Greetings Rohanians!

    We are so happy to announce that the Dress to Impress event has finally ended and the winners were already raffled.

    We want to congratulate the lucky winners:
    • MrMeng
    • xJRollen
    • Mukki
    • Gloxi
    • MonkeyOfGlory

    The costumes were already sent.
    Happy Valentine’s day!

    Best regards
    R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team

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