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    [Notice] 500 followers on Instagram

    Hello Shiltzians!

    We would like to thank you for welcoming us on Instagram and for participating in all the events that we prepare for you! ❤️

    For this reason, we would love to make the community even bigger but we need your help!

    If we reach 500 followers by February 12th, we will send special rewards to all the players who log in between February 12th~20th.

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD team ^^

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    Mar 2017

    Challenge Achieved!

    Hello Shiltzians!

    We are so overwhelmed for all the support and love shown in our official Instagram account! We are so grateful and we would like to thank you because we managed to achieve our first goal and we are now more the 500 followers on Instagram!

    As promised, we will send the rewards to all active players between February 12th and the 20th. This means that if you first log in between these days, you will be able to receive your prize only once.

    ✨[Untradeable] Speed Aid x2
    ✨[Untradeable] Power-Up Potion x2
    ✨[Untradeable] Magic Fiber x2
    ✨[Compensation] Large Megaphone x4
    ✨[Untradeable] Jackpot Bait x20
    ✨Fishing EXP (8 Hours) (Untradeable) x1

    Thank you once again for all the support!
    And letís continue spreading the love for Seal BOD!

    Love Seal BOD
    Seal BOD Team ^^

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