We will aware of the discussion surrounding the particular devaluation of rune-ore Natural stone Spirits since the release in the Mining & Smithing Remodel, as well as the conversations about employer drop tables. As a result we will making the following changes:

Princess or queen Black Dragon Changed to
Runite Stone Spirits Orichalcite Stone Tones and Drakolith Stone Tones
Adamant/Coal Stone Spirits Luminite Natural stone Spirits and Runite Natural stone Spirits

God Wars Dungeon 2 Changed to
Runite Natural stone Spirits Necrite Stone Spirits and also Phasmatite Stone Spirits
Fossil fuel Stone Spirits Luminite Stone Tones

Solak Changed to
Runite Natural stone Spirits Banite Stone Spirits and light-weight Animica Stone Spirits

NEX Changed to
Coal Stone Spirits Luminite Stone Spirits

We’re assured these changes will improve items. non-etheless, we will continue to screen the situation as closely and prepare further adjustments as necessary.

Patch Notes
Some of the adjustments we've made to Grace in the Elves are:

Alchemical Onyx - players are now able to toggle the porter effect on and also off.

Porters and Grace in the Elves will now deposit night clubs directly into the metal lender instead of your regular lender.

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