Greetings Shiltizens!

The time has come, after checking and review the rules and tournament settings with the Guild Masters; here we present you the teams, groups and confirmed battles.

The event will start each day after GM Olympics. All the teams that will participate on the assigned date must be present on and be ready to start. The teams must be formed at the center of Madelin. The GMs will check and inspect the team members to see everything is okay before start.


Win=3 pts. Tie= 1pt. Lose= 0 pts

Winning by default will grant 3 Pts.


Guild war Type: All out war
Guild war KO: 50
Minutes: 12 minutes
Level: NO
Golden War : NO
Cegels: Any


Any equipment is allowed
Battle pet is allowed
Kill the apostle is allowed
Base camping is not allowed
All skills are allowed
Kill the apostle is not allowed
Just 1 participant per 1st class
Have a Defender and Renegade is allowed (only for Bravefrontier guild)
There can be 5 substitutions on the whole event, mind your changes
GMs will be the only spectators.
Every suspicious activity as cheating or the usage of third program will provoke an instantly disqualification and ban for the team members.

Remember that this event will be streamed, all the players who want to see the guild wars matches can follow the event through Facebook after GM Olympics event.

According to the updated leaderboard, Demigod is heading up to the final. To know which team will be the one to fight for the glory, we will have 3 matches between the tied guilds.

The matches will be this way:

Immortal vs. Reborn2nd
Bravefrontier vs. Immortal
Reborn2nd vs. Bravefrontier

We will announce the matches date and time after discussing it with the teams.