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    [Community event END) Make your Meme


    Thank you for your participation on this event, we have seen very cretive ideas and had so much fun!

    We hope that you have enjoyed this event as much as we do.

    Here are the Winners:

    1st Place:
    Poporocroisu - Duran
    5,000 Rps + Abysmal Egg

    2nd Place:
    Yenna - Duran
    3,000 Rps + 5 Rascal Rabbit Balloons

    3rd Place:
    Rynclaude - Duran
    2000 Rps + Blessing of Gaius (30 days)

    Doing Sage Tower without Apostle be like ....

    We have some special mentions too!

    Yorushiko - Duran

    Makichan52 - Duran

    Club36 - Duran

    Mrshah92 - Arus

    Rishar - Arus

    Partydong - Duran

    Don't feel sad if you didn't win this event, we have rewards for all!

    - Fishing EXP (4 Hours) (Untradeable)
    - [Compensation] Pet Feeding bag (7 Days)

    And more community events comming!

    The rewards will be sent during January 27th and 28th. Thank you for participate!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team

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    thanks GM
    we love you seal BOD

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