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    [Community Event] Make your Meme


    Did you know that January 24th is celebrated as the International Belly Laugh day?

    For this reason we want to make you smile and laugh out loud with a new community event!

    In this event, we encourage you to make a meme about the game. The funniest one will win.


    1. Create/make a meme about the game
    2. Upload it to this thread and post your Character name and server
    3. The GMs will choose the TOP 3 based on the funniest submissions


    1st Place: 5,000 Rps + Abysmal Egg

    2nd Place: 3,000 Rps + 5 Rascal Rabbit Balloons

    3rd Place: 2000 Rps + Blessing of Gaius (30 days)

    For all participants:

    - Fishing EXP (4 Hours) (Untradeable)
    - [Compensation] Pet Feeding bag (7 Days)

    You have from today January 14th until January 24th to submit your meme.

    Good luck and have fun!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team

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    Server : Duran
    IGN : Vajra

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    Unhappy Bad luck😢

    Nick : Madzberzerk
    Server : Duran

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    IGN: Mimichoberry
    Server : Duran
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    this is me !!

    IGN : Inexsjr
    Server: Duran


    i don't know how to uploaded T_T

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    Finally !!


    IGN: Slakz
    Server: Duran
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    IGN : Renegede
    Server : Duran

    "Sad Class"

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    Angry %#$#$ kids:

    IGN : Asadekon
    Server : Duran

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