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    Existing Patch Improvements

    Whilst the Grinding guild introduces various completely new patches with new facilities, there are certain patches in-game this we'd also like to utilize by adding new crops that you grow.

    Dragonfruit Trees instructions Requires 81 Farming

    Dragonfruit trees can be grown with Fruit tree patches all around Gielinor. The seeds usually are tradeable and are rarely provided through nests, boss is catagorized or by completing Farming Plans. Dragonfruit trees have the same growing time as other berries trees and give the following Grinding experience; 140 XP to get planting, 17, 335 XP for checking its strengthening 70 XP for growing.

    Harvesting a Dragonfruit sapling gives you Dragonfruit, a new dish that can either be taken to heal 10 hitpoints or they can be baked straight into Dragonfruit pies at 73 cooking. Dragonfruit pies treat 10 hitpoints per offering and provide a temporary Fletching improve of +4.

    In addition to being an effective stat-boosting food, 10 Dragonfruit can be squeezed into a vial which can be used on the visages in Mount Karuulm for you to beome bottled Dragon's breath of air. This can be used to fully fee the Dragonfire shield along with similar shields instantly.

    Bright Lily - Requires 54.99 Farming

    White lily might be grown in flower pads around Gielinor. The plant seeds are only dropped by the Hespori, but they are tradable. White lily has the same growth time period as other flowers and give the following Farming experience; 49 XP for planting along with 250 XP for cropping.

    When fully grown, some sort of flower patch with Bright lily in it will secure all types of crops in nearby allotment patches.

    Potato Cacti - Requires 64 Harvesting

    Potato cacti can be produced in cactus patches all-around Gielinor. The seeds are generally tradeable and are rarely received through nests or when you fill out Farming Contracts. Potato cacti take 70 minutes to totally grow and give the following Harvesting experience; 68 XP intended for planting and 68 XP for harvesting. With the arrival of Potato cacti plant seeds, Potato cacti have been stripped away from the Nightmare Zone prize shop.

    Snape Grass rapid Required 71 Farming

    Snape grass can be grown throughout allotment patches around Gielinor. The seeds are tradeable and are rarely obtained by way of nests or by completing Harvesting Contracts. Snape grass usually takes 70 minutes to fully expand and gives the following Farming expertise; 82 XP for seeding and 82 XP intended for harvesting. With the introduction involving Snape grass seeds, Snape grass have been removed from typically the Nightmare Zone reward retail outlet.

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