Guess what… Warzone is back!

Join us in the most loved 50 vs. 50 PvP battle, everyone is invited!

Are you ready to defeat your opponents?

GMs will announce the event 30 minutes before it starts, players must go to Zaid if they want to participate. The GMs will open a portal to the 100 participants to join.

All participants must line up in front of the statue for their class:

Archer statue - HUNTER
Basketball statue - WARRIOR
Boxer statue - KNIGHT
Cyclists statue - PRIEST
Athletes statue - JESTER
Gymnast statue - CRAFTMAN
Taekwondo athlete statue - MAGE
Swimmer statue - CHEF
Bronze lifters statue - BEGINNER

GMs will list all the participants and form two teams after inspecting each participant. Once a team is full no other players will be added to that team.

Once the teams are formed, you will obtain the event costume.

While you receive the event costumes, you must go to the waiting área and wait for the GM to open the portal to the battlefield.

Once on the battlefield, go to your designated base and wait for the event to begin!

  • Best of 3 rounds, first team with 2 victories will win the Warzone event
  • Last team standing wins round
  • No Revive Cash Item allowed
  • No Guardian/mount
  • No Battle Pet
  • No mounts
  • You must wear the Team Costume

The event will be handled with Level restriction:

- 150 to 240
- 241 to 271

- 200 to above




o Fame Ticket (600) x5
o Gold Runestone x1
o Golden Chest Key x1
o Cash Voucher x3
o Megaphone x1


o Fame Ticket (600) x2
o 4 Leaf Clover x 1
o Piya-gra x 4
o Red Rune Stone



o Gold Runestone x1
o Golden Chest Key Trade Coupon x3
o Empty Rascal Rabbit Balloon x3
o Megaphone x1
o Water Drop Diamond (5m)


o Fame Ticket (600) x2
o 4 Leaf Clover x 1
o Red Rune Stone
o Money Bag(1000k)

Hosting the first Warzone of the year on Wednesday.

Get ready for the Warzone Returns!