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    Why my account has been blocked ?

    Dear GM,

    I am new player, already playing this game for 3 days.
    yesrerday i do login, but my account has been blocked and cannot connect.
    last time i login, i just doing quest on zaid
    i was send a ticket to you #301592.
    please tell me the reason, why my account was blocked ?


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    My account too, suddenly blocked. I never use cheats or rmt. My ticket is #301767

    Please help my account.. thx

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    Still no answer? fine, I quit playing this game!

    u wasted my time alot!!
    I played mmorpg for 10 years, and never get random ban/block like this!!

    I know, I am only free player and not give u profit!
    This is not fair, for example....
    I know who someone using cheat (creating new map for hunting sage box) and u release him just one day from block..
    he using cheat and you all still releasing him?
    but, I am only innocent player! I just bought item from random player!! and you banned me? are you kidding me?
    why u help him as cheater so fast? ok, because money. he bought rps a lot and give u alot profit.

    and if keep killing innocent player like this, your server eventualy will die!!
    keep blocking innocent players who does not using cheat or scam..

    i will share this problems to my community, and will tell them to do not play any games from your company (playwith)..
    and I will never touch the game from your company again, because this experience disappointed me !!

    Thank you for wasted my time alot..

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