Greetings Rohanians!

We are glad to announce new content to Rohan!

Let us start with a new Event for all players! “God Slayer”.

This event will consist on defeating the three invading God’s Avatars.
They are the essence of the gods we see of the world, but beware…their might have not diminish a bit.
The rewards and more details of the event will be announce soon.
Stay tuned to find out more on the event.

In addition to the Event, we have added two new quests to Oard!

The first one, directly connected to the “God Slayer” event, is “Gods Avatars”.

You need to kill all three Gods during the GM Event.
Your reward will be a Goddess Treasure, where you can get from 10 million up to 1 billion crones!

The second quest is “God Power”.

The gods feed their minions with some strange Seeds…
Upon killing any of the Gods’ minions, you will get a Seed of God.
Gather 250 of them to collect a Cursed Chest. This chest contains:

Since we already know how much of a threat the gods are, we asked Flox for some help.

He gave us some information regarding these powerful items from his father.

One is Ohn’s Verdict, which is inside the Cursed Pouch, sold by NPC Talgath.

To get the other piece, you need go to Eheres Harbor:

or click on Gathering Hall icon:

Then, find NPC Adrian

And purchase the Ohn’s Essense

Bind them together with the Recycle Item system to call upon powers of Ohn.

You will receive the Adventure Talisman:

On Jainus:

On Isen:

*Now available in its 1 day version on the Item Mall!

We hope that this will aid you in your battle against evil in this world!

Keep enjoying Rohan.
More Power! Love Rohan!

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team