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    Add additional item at pvp arena mall, specially spirit stone

    its a good idea if we can buy a spirit stone from pvp arena not just only at IM, where we can put in our trans weapon, not all player has a money to buy a stones, some ppl can do hard work like farming please we need to support theM. any one want to support this idea ?

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    +1.i like that.

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    no just spirit stone bro that can out in trans weapon, Spirit stone at IP Mall are only for crafted weapon

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    I thought they drop from mirror mobs? D:

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    no man minor dont drop a spirit weapon stone,

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    keep your noob ideas to yourself,

    make e cash and buy it off exchange market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KitCat0909 View Post
    no man minor dont drop a spirit weapon stone,
    He sad Mirror not Minor
    Mirror dungon dropīs Trans Onyx Weapon Stone....

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