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    [Guild Wars] Deathmatch League! - Arus

    Greetings Shiltizens!

    We are glad to announce for the 1st time the Guild Wars Deathmatch League!

    Where Guilds will prove and test their true strength facing each other to win the 1st place.

    Mind your strategies!

    How to participate?

    All the guilds at the rankings scores: The top 4 will participate in the tournament
    Time frame to rank: from December 18th, 2018 to January 2nd, 2019
    Start battling to classify!
    The GM’s will be in contact with the Guild Masters through Discord channel.

    On January 2nd:

    The leaders of the guilds on the Top 4 who want to participate, please leave in the comments below your Discord ID and which guild are you representing, so we can add you to the Discord event channel.

    How the battles will be?

    - 6 members party
    - 1 member of each class (repeated classes will disqualify the team)
    - No item limit
    - Time limit: Under 12 minutes
    - Matchs will consist in a 3 round battle (Best of 3)


    • Guilds participants will be chosen previously and will be announced in the forums by the day each guild will fight
    • The Guild Leader (Master) will challenge the chosen enemy
    • The other groups will have to wait for their turn
    • The GMs will be on the Guildwar Hall to spect the fight as referee

    The scoring will be measured by points.

    Win=3 pts. Tie= 1pt. Lose= 0 pts

    Winning by default will grant 3 Pts.

    In game settings

    • Guild war Type: All out war
    • Map: Any (by dice)
    • Guild war KO: 50
    • Minutes: 12 minutes
    • Level: NO
    • Golden War : NO
    • Cegels: Any

    The rewards


    🔥 Guild Wards Participant Costume (30 days)

    🔥 5 Golden Chest Key
    🔥 5 Rascal Rabbit Balloon
    🔥 1 Blessed Diamond
    🔥 1 Blessed Ruby

    Winner Guild:

    🔥 Guild Wards Champion Costume (30 days)

    🔥 8 Golden Chest Key
    🔥 8 Rascal Rabbit Balloon
    🔥 1 Blessed Pink Diamond
    🔥 1 Blessed Diamond
    🔥 2 Billion Cegel each

    *the rewards will be sent for each member of the guild parties.


    1. Demigod
    2. Bravefrontier
    3. Immortal
    4. Reborn2nd

    May the best Guild Win!

    Meet you at the ARENA!

    Love Seal!
    Seal BOD Team

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    Guild : Immortal
    Discord id : @Kiwz#8377

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    Guild : Bravefrontier
    Discord id : @Aris Hendra#5413

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    Guild name : DEMIGOD
    Discord id : @yuda pratama#0151

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    Guild name :Reborn2nd
    Discord id : @Dedy Lee#7820

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    Hi Shiltizens!

    Thank you for your quick response. You will receive the request soon.

    Seal BOD Team

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    When league wars started?

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