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    Game so much pay 2win?

    hello, since atzigan left, the events and sales they make are unreachable for farmers and people who would like to spend their e cash money for those events, do not you think this way? how farmers can obtain something in this game while the game is targeted only to donators?
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    ye sadly game still broken and still pay2win lelel

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    idk why u all cry about pay2win lol everything is achieveable even if u dont pay2win

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    More then ever before game is not pay2win lol

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    Yes as nearly almost every free2play games are. Why are you surprised?

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    While I agree the game is less p2w because there is more emphasis on farming you also have a problem where the farming is so insanely difficult that you need a party of decent chars to farm.

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    Free2Play = Pay2Win

    95% of them are like that. After all they have to entice you into loosen the iron grip you have on your wallet somehow 'cause that is how they get paid.

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    I mean you would think so but honestly its only the ones that are too scared of the evil p2w players that make the game p2w. Rohan had a relatively good balance before that premium IM stuff happened. Even now its not too difficult to earn RPS if you have the necessary equipment.

    TOS what im playing currently had a p2w problem in the form of D I A M O N D A N V I L S

    These things came from the RNG cube in the cash shop and would enhance without losing the enhancement lvl which meant that some guy with big piles of cash could have a +21 weapon (quite common) it also means anyone whos willing to buy these cubes and gets a diamond anvil made like 60 million+ silver. I have 12 diamond anvils now and im waiting for the price to go up even more with the next patch because they discontinued them.

    Their trade restrictions also made a secondary economy around an item called bless shards which you get from doing some daily activity (its aids) which only enhances the p2w factor since nobody trades in silver only in mfking bless shards.

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