Greetings Rohanians!

The Gods have come to our beloved Rohan and with nefarious plans!
As you may know, the God Ohn is missing, so his offspring has come to us…to destroy us.

The first one who arrived was Gail : God of Earth.
Once, the creator of the mighty race of Giants, now destroyer of lands.

He managed to change the place where he set foot to, in the area known as Dharvegawan.
He transformed the Burnt Ruins into a hellish-looking area, now called Shattered Land.

Armanda will aid you in your quest to kill Gail and reward you for the effort of killing her. She will give you the quest to kill Gail.

Fight off Gail : God of Earth and his minions to, also, find the pieces you need to create an even stronger weapons for yourself.

The second god that has arrived is Marea: Goddess of Water.

Ages ago, the lovely creator of the mighty Elf race, now have come to destroy all of the living beings.

The goddess of Water has come to Geizan and has changed the area surrounding her!

The Giant’s Fingerprint has transformed into a Swamp-like area, now called the Infinity Lake.
Here, the Goddess of Water, Marea, has made his barrack.

On one of the three accesses, you will find

, a former member of the cult of the Gods now on self-imposed exile.
Bacci will aid you in your quest to kill Marea and reward you for the effort of killing her. She will give you the quest to kill Marea.

Fight off Marea: Goddess of Water and her minions too.
Also, find the pieces you need to create an even stronger armor for yourself.

*You can get great rewards from these new bosses. One of the rewards is the valuable catalyst to refine the Walter’s Medal +8.
You can also win a lot of crone by killing them.
*Warning: These bosses are very strong; we recommend you to be very careful and do not try to kill them all by yourself.
*If you kill any of them gods, you will receive a Revelation of Ohn from Armanda or Bacci’s quest.
You can take this Revelation to Flox and he will give you a Book of the Beginning, which will give you:

New Abyss Set

From their minions, you will receive Fragments of Abyss set, which are part of a new, more powerful Set never seen before.

*Inside Corrupt Hero’s Hall, on the E wing, you will find:

In addition, from the minions of Gail and Marea, you will receive:

After you find four of the Fragments needed, all of our Weapon and Armorsmiths are proficient enough to aid you in forging a powerful set of armor.

We have some pictures from heroes that have gathered this full armor and with the weapons

The abyss armor have new options:
  • Abyss Armor - PVE Attack
  • Abyss Tasset - PVE Defence
  • Abyss Helmet - PvP Attack
  • Abyss Gauntlet - PvP Defence
  • Abyss Boots - Increase Skill Damage

Note: You will find these options in a random way in the fragments that are needed to forge each piece.

Note: Opaniel armor continues to have a higher PvP defense.

*For now, you will only find the fragments of armor necessary to make Helmets, Armor and Gauntlets.

The missing parts and the shield will be added on the Maintenance of December 18th.
In that maintenance, we will apply a new Zone and a new boss.

Roha: God of Light

Keep enjoying Rohan. Soon we will give more details about this new update.

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team