Hi Shiltizens!

We are glad to announce our first cinema festival!

At this time we want to encourage the guilds from whole Shiltz to participate by creating a unique machinima.
Recruit, call and cast the best actors and actresses at your guild!

Direct your own machinima story and participate on this event!

What is a machinima?
The practice or technique of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics.


1. Create your own story or recreate a movie scene in a video where your guild will participate
2. The video must last a maximum of 5:00 minutes
3. The most guild members posible must participate
4. Any edition program can be used
5. Upload the video to Youtube (Guild Name – Name of the Story - Seal BOD)
6. Post here the link mentioning the guild name and members appearing on the video.


1st Place: 30 Billion Cegels to the Guild Funds
2nd Place: 18 Billion Cegels to the Guild Funds
3rd Place: 10 Billion Cegels to the Guild Funds

For all participants (that are on the participant videos):

[Untradeable] Golden Fish Hook
[Untradeable] Pet Appraiser's Mistake
[Untradeable] Marco's Mistake


1. The participation rewards are only for each member of the guild who acts in the video
2. Only one submission per guild allowed
3. If another member of the guild posts another submission, we won’t consider any of them.

You will be able to submit your entry from December 4th to 31st, 2018.
Winners will be announced in January 2019 first week.

If you still do not have a guild, this is your time! Be part of a guild and participate in this event!

Good luck and have fun!

Love Seal!
Seal BOD Team