Hello Shiltizens,

December has finally started and with it, many new attractions are coming!

In the world of Shiltz, citizens are ready to receive this exciting date. All the preparations were carefully applied and the best magicians were already responsible for bringing the snow and bright lights in each capital.

Let's welcome Christmas with this beautiful event prepared for our players:


2) Receive a daily letter on your mailbox from Sugarplum Mary located under the Big Christmas Tree in Elim!
From Dec 5th ~ Jan 2nd.
Daily letter resets everyday at 00:00 PST

Hint: The Grinch is located on Crude Mountain near to H8.
The Grinch can be killed faster if you use combo attacks!

3) Get Snowballs from the Bales and throw on Christmas Trees located on Crude Mountain for amazing rewards!
From Dec 4th ~Jan 2nd

Hint: All the Bales on the external fields have a change to drop snowballs.
To have 100% change of Ornaments drop from christmas tree, you must kill the tree alone.

We hope you enjoy this event!

Love Seal^^!

Seal BoD Team.