Greetings Rohanians,

Brace yourselves…. Christmas is coming.

We are glad to announce the update for new content added to Rohan!

With this new patch, we have officially started Christmas season!

In the coldest place on Rohan, home to the mighty race of Giants, Krampuz has made his home!
Surrounded by his minions, Krampuz is hiding under a Great Ice Mountain.

From him, you will receive Winter Souls and lots of Crones!

His fierce minions protect him, but is not hard to reach them.

We have found another threat around Draht, Winter Terrors…

Bransnow has told us the story of how his brothers have fallen in battle and how the evil have twisted their souls.
This is the sad origin of the Winter Terrors.

He is the one who will provide you with the quests and ask you to gather Winter Souls…the souls of his fallen brothers.

His quests are Rest in Peace, Winter Warrior, My Lost Brothers and Winter Lord.

These quests ask you to gather and bring him Winter Souls, which will appear all over Rohan as a World Drop.
Also, ask you to end the mighty Krampuz, which will reward you with:
Mysterious Winter Box, Winter Chest and Nightmare Chest and the Winter Lord’s Chest.

You can get great rewards from this chests, like Deluxe Equipment Reinforcement Abradant, Pets, Absolute set, Crones and more!

In addition, he will ask you to find the Drunken Claws, drunken, lost minions of Krampuz who are scattered around different maps:
Eibach, Kowarre, Rima, Ignis, Aevraury, Del Lagos, Via Marea to mention some.

We hope that you enjoy these new adventures added to Rohan!

Let us gather our forces to fight the mighty foes ahead of us!

*NOTE: Fishing Hole have received some festivity additions according to the month.

Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team