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    Drop Rate penalty.

    So what should be the proper level difference to maintain the Drop Rate penalty at 0%, while comparing player lvl vs monster lvl?

    What is the maximum level difference between player lvl and monster lvl before Drop Rate penalty gets applied?

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    im not sure about this, but i almost always see item(s) drop when a char died in 1 - 5 hits. Basically underpowered and died easy by surrounding.

    I also wanna hear this from veteran players here about that.

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    As I recall the difference is around 60 lvl if more than that it won't drop at all. But doesn't applied to the instant dungeons

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    remember, craftsman job hasn't drop penalty.

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    drop penalty is the algorithim on seal online

    that if you are 40 level higher than the mobs. then you will have your own droprate dropped a lot that even double drop couldnt help

    however. vagabond and craftsman are the class that wont be affected by it

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