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    Lightbulb R-shop, item(s) in cegel-DURAN

    Hello and Welcome to my humble kiosk, My in game name is Rookie [Defender] Randalf. To cut thing sort, for the past few weeks i've been trying to sell some of my in game items by shouting, megaphoning and opening the kiosk but somehow there are still item(s) left. By opening this thread i do hope there are someone out there interested in my item(s) and without further ado here they are:
    • Out of stock

    NOTE :
    All item(s) are negotiable and as of time of writing (11/14/2018) I DO NOT ACCEPT an equal/lesser/better Trade with another item(s), the payment is in cegel and cegel only. if you're interested, put your offer here, Private Message me when i am online or send me A mail with your desired item and your desired price.
    also Be careful when you are Trading, make sure the character name, the job and the fame match . i will never ask you to return the item(s) that you have bought legally. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

    Thread Updates shall be posted below:
    11/14/2018- 0.1 - Started the Thread
    11/15/2018- 0.2 - Removing sold item(s)
    11/16/2018- 0.3 - Removing sold item
    11/27/2018- 0.4 - Removing sold item
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    Item Update:

    Kitsune +9 -SOLD
    TBS Pink Maid xg +4 - SOLD
    Reaper Scythe xg +7 - SOLD
    Mandragora +0 - SOLD
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    Item Update:

    Blue Ninja Mask Xg +9 - SOLD

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    Item Update:

    Scuba Fins xg +7 - SOLD
    Burning Tail xg +8 - SOLD
    Gentleman Scissors xg +0 - SOLD

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    Item Update:

    Wrestler Shield xg +0 - SOLD

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    There is BBB.xg ??

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