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    Trade bug, need fixing asap

    Hey guys,

    As you guys might or might not have known, we have a trade bug.
    This happens usually when:
    1. You activated the "ignore" trade, and deactivate it.
    2. You accidentally double click or do something with the "lock" before okay.
    3. ETC ( p.s. I dont know what triggers this other than those 2, but there are definitely some more)

    This can be resolved as easy as closing seal and re-launching it.
    But, since it happens way TOO MANY TIMES, it starts getting annoying.
    We demand action soon.

    GMs , please fix this ASAP. Thank you

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    I found a way to not make the transaction doesn't get canceled.

    When the trader hit the lock icon but reverts back to unlock, don't hit it again to lock. It'll make the trade not process through and causes both users to restart their client. Instead, leave as is and hit OK thus succeeding the transaction.
    This is the only way I have found to be working, if any other method/s are better, do share.

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