Spooky Cosplay event is over!

Hi Shiltizens!

We appreciated your participation in this event!

We enjoyed all your creativity and effort!

We are glad to announce the winners:

1st place: Vladiza - DURAN
Prize: 20,000 RPs

2nd place: Haon - DURAN
Prize: 10,000 RPs

3rd place: Shinderera - DURAN
Prize: 5,000 RPs

And for all who participated, you will receive the following prizes:

- Pumpkin Cookie x100
- Halloween Treasures Box
- [Untradeable] Premium Vendor (1 Day)
- [Untradeable] Shiltz Bank Membership Card x5

Thank you all for sharing your costumes with us! We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did!

Rewards will be sent between today November 6th and tomorrow November 7th

Stay Tuned for new community events!

Love Seal ^^
Seal BOD Team