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    Betcha can't find me
    that screenie is blurry as fk. 100% unreadable so it tells us nothing.

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    Join date should give you a hint that its a tr0ll

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    Damn he's crying to GM's again to ban this guy. hahahahah....damn that helmet though OP shyet..

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    The sad part these gms wont do a dam thing about these guys running around with indo items because this game has been made so much about money its unbelieveable and its slowly killing the game.

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    i heard e2n aready working at making duped abyss shueld with milion HP, attack power, dd etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by olsen View Post
    i heard e2n aready working at making duped abyss shueld with milion HP, attack power, dd etc
    lol ok bro.
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    I see you guys had your fun here. Soon I'll make a new post. Keep checking forum. Hf.
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    Enjoy ban for KD, Haig, Reis xD and good luck next time hahahahahahah

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    Oh so they got perma banned for exploiting cheats... stimpz how do u know?
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    they should change guild name to equal2dupe. They had (and proopably still have) duped items like KD shield, duped chakra and armor sets, and now GM even delete pets becouse e2n players duped pet tickets. Oh mele, magic etc scroll were duped by them too....

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