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Totally agree so each player could benefit from PA and no one would despair.
Some other games have like PVE gear you get from dungeons and mobs and pvp gear you get from pvp credits/tokens and crafting. TERA had this system and it was awesome.

They had a battleground credit cap of 200k per week which I would hit in the 1st 2 days spamming battlegrounds. You spend your battleground credits on materials & recipe for the pvp set theres a mid tier and a high tier (what they would call visionmaker). The high tier one requires some extra grinding but its worth it.

The weapons werent that great because all weapons in TERA had pvp damage but the armor had PVP def and you would use crit resistance etchings instead of flat endurance.

In a rohan context I think spending PA credits to buy pvp armor pieces which have guaranteed pvp def (x-y % range) + xyz stats [pdef, mdef, hp rec, mp rec, all stats, skill resistance, hp, mp, etc] would be great. The weapon side of things is a little more tricky with our upgrade landscape I think a pvp damage drop spirit stone for opaniel weapons would be the best way. (Not a trans stone just a spirit stone)