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    Pet Evolution- Bud to Momo Family Analysis

    Evo-ing pet and look after them on Seal is one of my hobby.
    So, why not doing analysis at once? and I start from Seed first

    For newcomers who interested in Melee Character
    *especially Warrior, start from
    Moo Moo Pet is good for you! <3

    From Bud, it can be one of these:

    Let's choose *Moo Moo first! <3

    The Final Stage is indeed not announced yet xD so~
    just see the teaser, LOL:

    ~Bud to Junior Moo Moo:
    -Location: Anywhere
    -Time: Afternoon
    -Success rate when I evo it in a row: Never Fail <3

    ~Junior Moo Moo to 4th stage:
    -Location: Sevis
    -Time: Sunset
    -Success rate when I evo it in a row: 4x times
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    best information.

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