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    Cool Finalists of Rohan's Next Top Artist event and Make your Meme event

    Greetings Rohanians!

    We have chosen the 5 finalists of Rohan's Next Top Artist and Make your Meme contest.
    Here we have the attached images of the finalists so you can see the final arts before voting.

    We thank all those who participated, we saw a lot of talent in you but it is time for our community to choose the winners.

    Please, to participate you must enter the following link and register your Google account with which you will vote. We remind you that you can only vote 1 time and that we will verify the information. ⚠️⛔

    People who register a valid vote will receive an Adventurer EXP Pouch (Ultimate) for their cooperation.

    Here is the link and we wish good luck to our finalists!

    More Power Rohan!

    Rohan's Next Top Artist finalists:

    Make Your Meme finalists:

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    Exclamation Vote method change

    Hi everyone! 😃

    We want to inform you that the voting method was changed because we found participants using cheats to increase the number of their likes. For this reason I repeat that the only method of voting will be through the following link:


    On the other hand, I would like to remind you that according to the post in the forum "Top 5 entries will be chosen by our GMs"

    I remind you that all voters will receive an Adventurer Exp Pouch (Ultimate) in appreciation for their cooperation.

    Good luck to our finalists!

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    Do we vote again? or are you guys recounting the votes?
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    when do we get the prize for voting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NARDZZ View Post
    when do we get the prize for voting?
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    the rewards for voting plss..

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